Tuesday, April 03, 2007

spYder at the Cinémathèque Québécois

Here is my recent construction on show at the Cinematheque until April 30th.

The Great SpYder Steeple Chase, Super-8 Race

The armature for this exposition is designed to illuminate, provide power to each viewer’s motor and house all commissioned super-8 films.

It allows people of different heights to view them while keeping the scale of the armature as compact as possible. But importantly this structure is logical creation and it’s aesthetic is intended to read as such. It is also built to function as a kind of spectacle for exposition but the spectacle I hope remains firmly on the ground.


There were a great number of people who helped me out ......

Keith Pattington (electronics design and fabrication)

Anni Lawrence and Anni Lawrence Catering

Sergio Kirby

Kate Lawrence

Pierre Giroux

Janis Tiefenbach

Joakim Jasenovic

Jon Claude Bieschke

Wright Daniel

Quartier Éphémerè/ Foundry Darling

Main Film

Cinémathèque Québécois

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