Tuesday, April 03, 2007

spYder at the Cinémathèque Québécois

Here is my recent construction on show at the Cinematheque until April 30th.

The Great SpYder Steeple Chase, Super-8 Race

The armature for this exposition is designed to illuminate, provide power to each viewer’s motor and house all commissioned super-8 films.

It allows people of different heights to view them while keeping the scale of the armature as compact as possible. But importantly this structure is logical creation and it’s aesthetic is intended to read as such. It is also built to function as a kind of spectacle for exposition but the spectacle I hope remains firmly on the ground.


There were a great number of people who helped me out ......

Keith Pattington (electronics design and fabrication)

Anni Lawrence and Anni Lawrence Catering

Sergio Kirby

Kate Lawrence

Pierre Giroux

Janis Tiefenbach

Joakim Jasenovic

Jon Claude Bieschke

Wright Daniel

Quartier Éphémerè/ Foundry Darling

Main Film

Cinémathèque Québécois

Monday, April 02, 2007

Flatlander the film

For the winter of 2005-6 I spent a total of two months up in the region of Labelle, Quebec. Boreal art/nature invited me to do an artist residency in the cabin on a few hundred acres of conserved forest. I produced these still images and shot a 16mm experimental film called Flatlander.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Steve Topping Artist, builder and the technical Director at Founderie Darling in Montreal




Solo Exhibitions

2009, August 5-15 Festival Acadien de Caraquet, showcased artist in production

2009, Sept 30-Oct 4 Art Pop: Pop Montreal, featured artist

2008, June 5- 30 Rock and Roll: Selected Contemporary Art in Newfoundland, A1C Gallery, St. John’s, NL

2008 Jan 19- Feb 6 ESPACE BLANC 4 : MARQUER LE PAYS, Caravanserail, Rimouski, QC

Residency and exposition of art on the ocean ice sheet

2007, Mar 07-Apr29 Capsule Memoir , Cinematheque Quebecois

An exhibition of 28 super-8 film-loops (30sec) in a machine of my creation.

2006, Jan15-Mar 23 Flatlander, Boreal Art Nature, Labelle, QC

Reflective thumbtacks in trees made to be level with one another for 2km

2005, Feb15-Mar 15 Les Domes de Glaces, Lachine Cannal, Montreal

Construction of domes of ice 6m x 2.5m high as public pavilions.

Coll. w/ Ana Rewakowicz. Co-produced and with Quartier Ephemere

2004, June 18-20 SpliceThis! International Super-8 Film Festival, Toronto, ON

Featured artist, photo exposition, video installation, film

2003, May 1-29 Box Expo Gallerie Skol, Montreal QC

2001, Feb 8-Mar 9 Upstairs, Solo Exhibition gallery, 787 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON

2000, Sept 03-31 Rain Paintings, Rogue space, Eastern Edge Gallery, St John's Nfld.

Group Exhibitions

2002, Oct 6-Mar 30 Against Time Armando Museum, Amersfoort, Netherlands -Reading Canada Backwards film

2002, Sept 13-Dec 7 The Dwelling, Optica, 372 St-Catherine West, Montreal, QC

2001, Oct 2-Jan 20 The Infinite Between Confederation Art Centre, Charlottetown, PEI

and Mar 15-Apr 14 The Infinite Between, Gallery 44, Toronto, ON, -Reading Canada Backwards film.

1997, Mar 28-April 19 Headquarters/ Man-Size with Marie-Paul MacDonald, Adrian Blackwell, Ken Hayes, Kika Thorn, Joep van Lieshout -Reading Canada Backwards film


2000, Mar/April The Anti-Loft Symposium, Toronto, ON

-Symposium on post studio practice organized by Marie-Paul MacDonald and Ken Hayes. Interventions included was my Anti-loft living space in Montreal

1997-98, June U-Haul Film Festival, Toronto, ON

U-haul truck w/ screen inset in the back door. Back projected S-8 films stopping at different neighbourhoods/ communities.

Collaboration. w/ Eric Aurandt

1997, Nov-April Snow Shack, Cartier, ON

The Snow Shack was constructed as a winter shelter on “Crown land” near Cartier, Northern Ontario. It used only radiant heat and foil insulation.

Film Festivals

2004 Splice This! Toronto International S-8 Film Festival, Toronto, ON, Featured artist, Reading Canada Backwards, Box Expo, photos

2002 Anti-Matter Film Festival World Tour, Victoria, BC, Reading Canada Backwards

2001+02 Blinding Light Film Festival, Vancouver, BC, Reading Canada Backwards

1998 Splice This!” Toronto International S-8 Film Festival, Toronto, ON

2000 Anthology Film Archive, New York, N.Y. (16mm),

1999 Bandits-Mages, Bourges, France, Reading Canada Backwards

1998 Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal, QC (16mm),

1997 Vancouver International Film Festival, Vancouver, BC,

-Reading Canada Backwards, Premiere of 16mm version


2006 Fuse Magazine Vol. 29, pgs 24-35 (Collective Dab)

2005 Unboxed: Engagements in pulic space, Gallery 101, Ottawa, ON

ISBN 1-896183-13-1

2005 Super Super 8, Experimental Works for Educational Environments

DVD special edition published by Canadian Filmmaker’s Distribution Center

2004 LaDemeure, Optica, Montreal, QC

2002-2003 Skol (centre des arts actuel) 2002 - 2003

“On Box Expo” - Daniel Hall

“La Piece Cinetique” - Caroline Martel,

“224 Words/Minute” - Marie-Paul Macdonald

2002 Transportable Environments, Marie-Paul Macdonald, "Wearable Environments"

ISBN 0 419 24250 3

1997 Headquarters/ Man-Size ISBN 0-9682465-0-8


2003 On-Site, #10, “The Reality of an Inflated Utopia”

2003 On-Site, #10, Marie-Paul Macdonald, “Romantic Nomads”

2003, May Montreal Mirror, Christine Redfern

2000 Mix Magazine Vol.26 No.2 Fall Vince Tinguely “Interview w/ Anti-Loft artist”

2000 Anti-Loft Symposium, online publication, Michelle Marek, www.anti-loft.org

Artist Presentations

2004, Jan Concordia University, Montreal, QC

2003, May Skol, Montreal, QC

2002, Oct Optica, Montreal, QC

2002, Oct Armando museum, Amerhestfort, Netherlands

2000, Mar The Anti-Loft Symposium, Toronto, ON

1997, June L’ Hopital Ephemere, Paris, France

Relevant Experience

Collective Dab:

A collective of architects and artists who practice urban planning jamming to influence development interests toward more radical and creative solutions. http://collectifdab.ca/#

Articule Artist run centre, Montreal, QC: Board Member (2006- present) and Programming Committee (present)

Boreal Art/ Nature Artist run centre, L'Assomption, QC

Eastern Edge Artist run centre, St-John’s, NL, exuberant volunteer